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Diarist A15 Day 21

Diary 2022 

December 31, 2022 

This is the end of a long holiday season for our family. We had a large group “Thanksmas” celebration on November 5. Family members in both my husband and my families were invited. We had 15 people at our house for a sit-down Thanksgiving-type meal. We have had 3 of these events in the past so that everyone can be drawn together before things get too busy. I do this for me; so, I’ll have a time when everyone is together. From this, people can make their own plans and we see people in small groups over the holiday season. This year we were able to have a healthy, fun season.  

During the morning and afternoon, I visited with my two younger daughters and their families in Indianapolis. It was wonderful to be together and watch them open presents and see the three grandchildren play together.  The weather started out rainy and gray but cleared in the afternoon, so we took a lovely walk in their neighborhood. I asked my daughters what reflections and changes they were thinking about for the upcoming year. I think both had given it some thought which was gratifying to me. One said she wanted to read the books she had purchased and not buy more books. If she wanted more books, she would get them from the library. She also said she was going to set clearer boundaries with some relationships in her life. I have talked to her about this, so I know she has given it thought. My other daughter mentioned she wanted to lose a little weight. I think she eats and exercises in a healthy manner so I imagine whatever she does will be mindful. I drove home in the late afternoon. 

At 6:00, we went to a friend’s house to visit with 10 other people. We knew 8 of the others. We laughed that the New Year’s Eve party was scheduled from 6-9:00, kind of representative of the demographic of the guests. Everyone brought hors d’oeuvres such as cheese, crackers, hummus, vegetables, cookies, and candy. Since we knew everyone well, conversation was easy and we discussed topics such as the holiday, families, food, and a little about politics. I asked one friend about reflections of the past/new year, and he mentioned some concerns and minor health problems. However, he turned around what he was saying and recognized how fortunate he was and how lucky we are in this country as compared to the people in the Ukraine, and basically anywhere else.  As mentioned, it was an early night, and I didn’t hear any firecrackers at midnight. Often, I’ll wake up if there’s a lot at midnight, but I didn’t this year or maybe the composition of our neighbors is just older, quiet people.  


January 1 

I went to church. The church council decided to move the Christmas Eve service, which was cancelled due to weather, to this Sunday. It was a lovely service which included ending with candles and singing Silent Night. I was glad they made the decision to have the service and it seemed to make the season complete.   

The afternoon was spent watching ballgames on TV, reading, and practicing piano. Three months ago, I started taking piano lessons (for the hundredth time!) It is not a strength, but I inherited a nice piano, and someone should play it, or I should pass it on to someone who will. So, this is my last effort with it. It does not sound like music but I’m working on it.  



The New Year’s weekend was rather quiet and uneventful. I didn’t feel like it was an exciting holiday weekend, but it was fine. I enjoyed being more purposeful about asking people for their reflections. It was kind of a good discussion starter and I plan to do it again next year. I always think of the usual commitments of trying harder to have good health habits, read more, etc. At present, I think I’m satisfied with my walking and reading habits but it’s a daily commitment. Last year, I tried to average 3 miles a day walking and I read 31 books. I like the idea of being more intentional. Instead of thinking, “I resolve…” it works better for me to think, “Today I will be intentional about…” I have a lot of hobbies and interests and too often when I’m doing one thing, I’ll think, “I should be doing…” I’m going to try to be more mindful when I’m doing something to pay attention to what I’m doing and enjoy the present. Along those lines, instead of thinking about a “bucket list” I am going to give more thought to taking things out of the bucket. Putting things in the “bucket” can be a bit like a dog chasing its tail. Spending ones time more mindfully makes more sense to me at this point. Being in my mid 70s, I can’t help but wonder about my health and the health of people I care about. Last year, we lost some friends; this year more will have problems and some will die. It’s sobering and can be heavy on one’s mind. But as the song goes, “It’s just another New Year’s Eve, just another Auld Lang Syne.” This will pass into another day, same routine and we’ll handle what we need to when we have to, I guess.