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Diarist A34 Day 22

Hello All, 

It has been a while since my last post.  I was unaware that I was a part of the groups after my year.  I thought we were rotating groups and I just happened to be in the email chain, so I apologize for the mix-up on my end.  As far as what I have been up to, well when Joe Biden enforced a federal mandate to take the Covid Vaccine, my employer of 10 years, Honeywell, went along with the unconstitutional edict.  They sent out an email informing me that if I refused to take the shot, I would be terminated with no severance package.  I decided that since I had already had covid and everyone in my family who took the shot had covid as well, I would not see any benefit in taking a jab from something that required a signature waving all medical liability for the producer of the shot.  I ended up taking 4 interviews and receiving 4 offers that very week and two were offering amazing growth opportunities as well.  

I decided to become a CNC Machinist for Taurus Tool and Engineering focusing on the Lathe Department.  I received promises to receive programming certification training from Master Cam and was offered the opportunity to grow into the leadership position of running the Lathe Department down the road. I have been working on those goals for a year and gaining programming and program editing knowledge at a satisfying rate. I am working 6 days a week now so adding 5 more hours a week working has increased the income but taken more time away from the family. I truly believe sometimes a man will be tested to see if they will bend the knee and compromise on what they claim to stand for or if they will risk losing their situation in order to walk around with their head held high. When Honeywell made their choice to remove workers who had been there for multiple decades with some of my coworkers, I had a deep discussion with my wife. We agreed that if I had to travel out of state through the week for work and was only able to come home on the weekends, my family would support my stance. Having a strong family support system makes it easier to make hard decisions and face adversity. I married a woman who fits the descriptions of what a strong woman and wife should be according to the bible. I was lucky to be faithful in my walk with GOD and to recognize the gift that he was bringing into my life. I have tried to honor her with my words and actions, and she has honored me in her role as a wife and mother to my daughter. I pray that my daughter walks correctly in her path and is able to attach herself to the same type of support system that my wife and I have tried to model for her. 

As far as May 12th, it is a critical time to finalize plans. We are celebrating my birthday of May 14th, my wife’s birthday of May 15th, my wedding anniversary of May 10th, and of course my mother and wife for Mother’s Day. Having so much focus on such a short time period adds a lot of stress for the balance and execution of the plans for everyone, but I think it will be great.  The plan is to have everyone at our house and give the gifts as well and spend time with each other for the day. The gifts came in the mail early enough that I knew that part of the plan was ready, I just had to coordinate the times for everyone after work.   

The work shift is a little different now, so I have to be at work by 7 am and get off work at 5:30 pm Monday through Friday and work 7 am till Noon on Saturday. So, last night after work I came home, took a shower, and then my wife and daughter went with me to the Muncie Murpah Shrine Club. I am Vice President there so as part of my duties, I have to set up the dining room for the Friday dinners that are open to the public. After the cleaning and setup were complete, we went to get some dinner. That makes it a short night at home and basically bedtime when we get home. That is pretty normal. Today I woke up at 6:30 am, went to the restroom, took some vitamins, put on my work clothes and went to work. One of the things my wife tries to do for me on top of being a nurse and being a mom is to pack a lunch for me. Today she was able to do that again, so I was able to not have to spend time doing that. I’m working on some titanium ductal parts for the aerospace industry. If the parts are not made to specifications, the pilot cabin could become non-pressurized, and they could pass out which obviously could cause some issues for plenty of people. I take pride in my work and know I am critical to having certain things run properly. The material itself is fine unique to work with as if it is not under heavy coolant and gets too hot, it can become a fire that can destroy the machine it is actually being ran in. I have been lucky to never see one go up in flames and today was no different.   

After work I came home and took a shower then my family went to the Murpah Shrine Club for dinner. It was good as usual. While on breaks at work and during the dinner I was spending time sending messages to lock in the timelines for everyone that will be coming over this weekend. It appears everything is good to go. After dinner, we ran to Walmart to pick up some bird seed and gerbil feed for the house and then went home. That put it late enough that I had to head to bed so I could be up for work Saturday morning.   

Life is a little more difficult to juggle work and family timelines on top of being active in my Masonic Lodge, being VP of the local Shriner Club, being a good husband and supporting my daughter who just finished her first season trying track. She was able to improve her long-distance race times throughout the year, get some ribbons for placing in discus throws. Even being able to throw further than a teammate who had thrown for three years. And in the season final meet was able to get a PR (Personal Record) in the Shotput. She was constantly improving and that was nice to see the effort and success. I put a white spray paint circle in the backyard and bought her a discus to practice with in the backyard. Once she was consistent in keeping her throws inside the width parameters, I added yardage lines so she could have a reference point of how far she was throwing. She put in personal time and effort at home to make gains. It is a trait or work ethic that unfortunately many are unwilling to do in today’s society.    

Anyways, talk to you later.