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Diarist F56 Day 18



I awoke at 7:30 am to no heat. Thank goodness we knew it was bound to happen soon, so a part has been ordered. But in the meantime, I stayed in bed longer under several blankets. Luckily, we’re having a mild fall and winter. So far.? 


I got up, read my daily Bible readings and scrolled Facebook. I’m just about to finish reading through the Bible in a year, something I won’t do again for a long time. It is not meant to be read that way, anyway. And most lay people, regardless of the translation, don’t have a good grasp on cultural context, history, chronological order or original breaks in the texts vs our chapters and verses. Anyway, it was a good exercise in discipline, even if my mind did wander during those genealogy lists. And now I’m allowing myself to see Max McLean, who was my narrator through this audible journey. I feel like I know him.? 


At 7:30, I drank hot chocolate and ate cold pizza for breakfast. 


At 8:30, I got a distressing call from my mom who now resides in a memory care facility. She has her greatest mental and emotional struggles in the morning, as well as physical discomfort. Tomorrow she will be 96 years old.? 


Next I spoke to my older brother about Mom, The one good thing to come of this life upheaval of placing her there from my home is that he is helping me a great deal with practical and emotional support. I’m thanking God for this. 


At 10:30, I worked on my grandson’s 4th birthday cake. He has taken to a Netflix show called “Trash Truck,” created by the grandson of Bil?Keane, who created “Family Circus.” The cake is a fondant garbage truck, fondant characters from the show. Today I’m putting together the sides of the truck so that I can at last see it in 3D, not in flat pieces. 


At 12:30 I took another call from mom and put Irish creme in?my coffee. 


I set up the tables for my annual Gingerbread Day with my grandkids. They will come on the 11th to decorate individual trains this year.? 


I watched the Great British Baking Show at 2:30. At Christmastime, I watch all of the baking shows on the Food Network. I don’t during the rest of the year. 


I made gingerbread cookies to eat at 3:30. Construction? gingerbread isn’t the same recipe as the ones for gooey cookies. 


I ate early, 4:30, and spent the rest of the evening watching TV, making and taking phone calls, replying to messages. I’ve got so much to do before Christmas. I’m glad I shopped Amazon while Mom was hospitalized and wrapped gifts so early. Yay, me.? 


Believe it or not, I climbed in bed at 6:30, watched some movies and fell asleep.?