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Diarist J84 Day 17

My Diary Friday 10/22/2021 


My day begins in Zionsville in the home of my daughter and son;-in-law , I will spend the day caring for their 15 month-old daughter while they work. Lucky me!


7:30- breakfast of Cheerios and oatmeal, milk & coffee.

Morning playtime is indoors because of rain. If the weather was fair we’d load in the stroller and walk to the neighborhood park. Today we’re going to play in the basement. It’s big and full of toys plus large-muscle activities like a play tunnel, medicine ball and gym mat. Also a TV, we turned on PBS Kids/ Daniel Tiger. 


12 lunch- Ravioli, carrots, milk

12:30 nap 

3;00- Snack, blueberries & goldfish crackers. Back down the basement to play. For entertainment we turned on Disney Plus/Hocus Pocus. The baby played with puzzles, did a lot of crawling in and out of the tunnel and played make believe with an ice cream store set. She is so adorable. I’m grateful and blessed for this time with her one-to-one. 

4:30 – Mama arrives home, we visit and watch her play in the basement. Daddy gets home around 6.? 

6:30 – It’s Friday so we order Pizza from a local shop.


7:30- Bath for baby and bedtime 

8:30- 11:00 – Relaxed, visited, watched the documentary Dopesick on Hulu about the Oxycontin Crisis. Powerful, interesting film. Great time together with family.??