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Diarist K95 Day 21

Dec 31, 2022  

I woke on December 31 to the 8th day of Christmas partying in 2022.  I quickly checked that the weather was going to permit me to navigate the day without difficulty.  Having just slipped through a Christmas that was sub-zero and icy, I was hoping for better.  It was much better. 

After a small snack, I went to the YMCA for an exercise class that focused on strength training. There were many there—adults and kids alike.   I love that the YMCA tries to keep the doors open during holiday times and classes operate when it would be easy for Y management to cancel them—saying that there were not many people or staff was unavailable.  This is what the Muncie Public Library did over the Christmas holiday.  They were closed for 4 straight days saying that they lacked staff.   The Muncie Public Library has 4 facilities and they could not come up with sufficient staff to have 1 open. It was a real inconvenience for those in the Muncie community who needed access to complete end of year financial business.  So, a thumbs up for the Y and their staff for being on the job. 

After completion of the exercise class, I went shopping for the things that I would be taking to the New Years Eve party.  This included food as well as gifts.  The grocery store was far less crowded than I expected.  I purchased the necessary items and checked out without delay.  I purchased a few items for the grab bags. 

I prepared for the party and attempted to take a little nap, knowing that midnight was far off.  I had no luck.  I was too excited and had things to prepare so I got up and completed my food preparation.  I put the grab bag items into gift bags.  After this, I headed off to the location of the party, and got there in time to assist the hosts with the final touches.   The party was in a private home and about 20 people attended.  When we gathered, we started with prayer, praising God and blessing the food that we were about the graze over during the next 5 hours.   

After the initial meal, each of us shared our highlight of 2022.  Then we had devotions and testimonies about New Year’s resolutions.  We shared whether we were going to attempt resolutions for 2023—some identified big commitments.  Some rejected the practice all together. 

Then there were the games, and the winners got the grab bags.  Tea, coffee, and Coke products flowed freely as we grazed again on the remaining food. 

As midnight approached, I checked and found that the Georgia and Ohio State University football game was not over.  I could not help but turn on a TV in a remote area.  I viewed the Ohio State meltdown.  The ball in New York City came down just as the field goal by Ohio State went wide, making Georgia a winner again.  It is 2023.