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Diarist Z40 Day02

Woke up this morning with a stiff neck from laying on it wrong throughout the night. Up off and on throughout the night watching my little 6 month old daughter because my life partner had to work third shift. Woke up in the middle of the night with my daughter holding my finger and asleep. For some reason that helped to calm her down. Woke up around 6:45a from bed to make sure my daughter was almost ready to catch the bus. Came downstairs to make sure she was out the door by 7:05a. Went outside and pulled the trash toter to the road and watched my daughter down at the end of the street waiting for her bus to make sure she got on okay. Did some stretches on the porch while I waited. Came inside when the bus got here and fixed my son cereal. Did a 5 minute timed meditation and a prayer afterwards then I had to quickly check my personal email to edit a story that someone interviewed me for for a project called Facing Racism. I told a story about how I had an interaction with Southside High School students who were being racist and I confronted them. It’s a cool project we are working on for the Fall of 2016. Sent suggested edits via email, drank some coffee while doing so. Aldi’s Fair Trade dark roast slow drip today. It matters. Went upstairs to help my son get ready for school, did some push ups and sit ups and headed for the shower. Trimmed up my beard a little bit before cleaning up. Got dressed in some warm attire and headed out the door with my son to school and then to work. My son and I said a quick prayer on the way to school, told him to be good and make good choices then took off to work. I park a couple blocks from City Hall, wished I rode my bike because I live so close, but it’s hard because I have to drop my son off at school, and the bus won’t pick him up because we live too close to the school. Got to work and walked into a woman in our office announcing to the whole office that her daughter just found out she is having identical twins. Her daughter married an old friend I grew up with in my old neighborhood. His mom just passed away last year after a long battle with cancer. Got into my office and started my computer, called a friend who texted me last night about something work related and simultaneously got ready for a webinar on Municipal Good Housekeeping and Self Inspections on job sites and facilities put on by an engineering company. Caught up on a lot of email, pay attention to social media here and there, read a few articles, and checked the local paper throughout the day. Sent out email reminders about a mandatory training I am responsible for hosting. My dad stopped in my office and we had some good conversation about multiple things, playing catch up. He asked me if I wanted to go to lunch at Savages but I had already made plans to come home to help with baby Legacy who likes to hang out on my lunch break, and it gives mama a break. Plus I just went to the grocery and have plenty to eat at home. Came home for lunch, spent some giggles and smiles with my baby, ate a sandwich on gluten free bread with arugula on top. Finished and rode my bike to work after lunch. Got back to the office and did some organizing and continued email. Had a phone call with a few residents about recycling issues and then I got ready for my Urban Forestry meeting that I host every 3rd Wednesday of the month as the president. Had to print out agendas and check on info for the meeting. Around 3:30p the Urban Forestry meeting started and I checked on mailbox and checked in with a few people in the Mayor’s office on some pending items. Had a good meeting and discussion for our Urban Forestry meeting, and wrapped up in 1 hour. Took the stairs back down to the 1st floor and realized I didn’t have my keys to get back in my office and everybody had left already. Right at that time, a co¬worker was walking out of the office somehow miraculously because she had came back to the office because she forgot her phone. I was able to get in my office afterall! This is the second time in two months I had forgotten my keys and someone just happened to come back for something and I was able to get in. Clocked out and headed back home on my bike. Got home and went upstairs to check on my baby and passed my daughter who was doing her homework. Hanging out with my baby while my life partner hopped in the shower. Called my Mom who is going to come over tonight to give my baby a bath while mama rest for working 3rd shift tonight and I have another non profit board meeting from 7p¬8p. Ate some food, leftover turkey meatballs, vegetables and white rice. My mom came over to watch my baby and I headed out to my meeting. It was a productive meeting with some good brainstorming and discussion about our Annual meeting coming up in March. It lasted to about 8:20 and then I headed home. When I got home my baby was asleep, my son was playing on minecraft and my daughter just finished her homework. I started to unwind for the night and get ready write this journal. Decided to have a nice craft beer as a treat after a long day. Headed to bed soon because my partner has to go to work and I will have to watch my baby throughout the night. Watched a little bit of Dual Survival TV show before heading to bed.