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Notes from a Diarist (A25)

Diarist A25 shared a few thoughts with us about our most recent (October 22, 2021) set of diaries and our blog entry summarizing some of our initial impressions of that material.  This diarist takes note of the ways that Covid has subtly reshaped our lives, especially our experiences of time—a topic we’ve explored elsewhere on this blog (here and here).  We post it to provide a different perspective on the diaries and to encourage others to share their ideas.

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Hello EDLM directors, 

I enjoyed reading through the blogs and the diaries. I did see a few things in common. And, agree with the blog about people are kind of living life until we are through covid. Like an event is going to happen and then we can all go back to our prior covid lives. I heard the best case recently is 2 to 3 years. I wonder what it will be like. Some kind of goal and focus is needed. It’s kind of like adjusting to being empty nesters. All the time filled with kid stuff has to be filled otherwise. With covid, we have to replace all of the out and about time, and it definitely doesn’t feel as fulfilling. Our purpose in life has been impacted, at least mine has. I miss all the getting out and about that included unplanned and planned connections with people. It seems like life is about distracting ourselves from anything covid related. And, the ability to do this for a prolonged period of time feels like a required survival skill.

1) Several diarists woke up outside of the local area – traveling, visiting family, helping family, working. Not like a year ago. I like how it was noted that the diaries almost didn’t even mention covid however I think that’s just because covid life is pervasive and the adjustment has taken over our lives. But, we are traveling again for work, vacations, and visiting friends and family. It is different traveling. We scheduled a family trip months ago and chose to stay in the US although we have all postponed international travel for nearly two years. We didn’t want the international piece to be the reason we didn’t get to travel. This trip was just before Thanksgiving week. And, we spent almost no time with other people; interactions with others were minimal through airports, shuttles, on flights and while vacationing. 

2) I wonder if those slow to get up are challenged with the described double whammy we in Indiana endure, most of Indiana. I read about it recently in the Indy Star. Former Governor Mitch Daniels promised daylight savings time and central standard time. We just have DST so the sun rises at 8:00 or so while so many see it at 7 or 7:20 or even before 7:00 am. The time changed a couple weeks later but here we are and it’s much closer to 8:00 again than 7:00. Maybe an experience that isn’t common with the rest of the country. I know I am going to sleep much earlier with the darkness and waking up far earlier. Prior to covid we filled our evening schedules better so we stayed up later. We are going to have to work on that as we fight through the darkness of winter and covid.

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