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Event Videos

DateEvent TitleVideo
9/18/2019Talk: Student-Driven Digital Humanities: Net.Create and the Role of Pedagogy Research in Digital Humanities Tool-BuildingWatch Video
4/17/2019Second Annual Digital Scholarship Lecture: Bernard Frischer, “Rome Reborn: 3D Reconstructions as Tools for Discovery”Watch Video
3/22/2018Workshop: Text Analysis and Data Visualization using R, by Holmes Finch and Matthias RaessWatch Video
1/25/2018Digital Feed: Applications of 3D Simulation, Virtual and Augmented Reality in Scholarship, by John FillwalkWatch Video
11/15/2017Digital Feed: Geospatial Support Services: A Tale of Two Campuses, by Patricia Carbajales-DaleWatch Video
11/15/2017Talk: GIS for Good: Serving Communities through Education, by Patricia Carbajales-DaleWatch Video
10/12/2017Digital Feed: Introduction to Text Analysis using Voyant Tools, with Stéfan Sinclair.Watch Video
10/4/2017Inaugural Digital Scholarship Lecture: How Digital Memory Will Change Our Past and Shape Our Future, by Abby Smith Rumsey.Watch Video
4/5/2017Digital Feed: Introduction to Network Analysis, by Jason Heppler.Watch Video
2/27/2017Digital Feed: GIS & Spatial Analysis, with Kyle Johnson, Chad Kinsella, and Douglas SeefeldtWatch Video

Workshop Resources

DateWorkshop TitleResources
3/22/2018Text Analysis and Data Visualization using R, by Holmes Finch and Matthias RaessWorkshop Materials
4/13/2017Network Analysis, by Jason HepplerWorkshop Materials