2000 W University Ave, Muncie, IN 47306,USA

Faculty Leads

  • James Connolly
    James Connolly is the George and Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of History and the Director of Ball State’s Center for Middletown Studies.  He also co-directs Ball…
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  • John Fillwalk
    John Fillwalk is the Senior Director of Hybrid Design Technologies at Ball State, Director of the Institute for Digital Intermedia Arts (IDIA) and an Associate Professor…
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Staff / Affiliates

  • Michael Szajewski
    Michael Szajewski is Assistant Dean for Digital Scholarship and Special Collections, Ball State University Libraries.  Mike oversees the contributions of University Libraries to DSL projects,…
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  • Brad Faust
    Brad Faust is Assistant Dean for Library Data and Discovery Solutions.  He provides technical support for back-end development and long-term archival and database management solutions.
  • Adam Kobitz
    3D Modeller and Animator Adam graduated from Ball State with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2012, then returned to pursue his Master’s of Fine…
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  • Angela Gibson
  • David Rodriguez
    David earned his B.A. in Telecommunications and completed a minor in Web Technology through the Computer Science department at Ball State University in Muncie, IN.…
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  • Ina-Marie Johnston
    Ina-Marie Johnston is the Design and Communications Manager for Hybrid Design Technologies. She received her Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in Visual Communications from…
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  • Jim Bradley
    Metadata Jim Bradley is Head of Metadata and Digital Initiatives at Ball State University Libraries.  He has been involved in metadata, structured text, and digital…
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  • Neil Zehr
    Neil earned his B.S. in the Digital Media Arts program at Huntington University in Huntington, IN. During his years there, he studied various traditional animation…
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  • Trevor Danehy


  • Youfa Wang
    Fisher Institute of Health and Well-Being, 2017-18 Interdisciplinary, Systems Approach and Big-Data-Enhanced Obesity Research Youfa Wang is the John and Janice Fisher Endowed Chair of…
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  • Serena Shim
    Educational Psychology, 2017-18 Serena Shim, The Development of an Innovative Math Motivational Intervention for Elementary Students Educational Psychology, 2017-18 Serena Shim is Professor of Educational…
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  • Chad Kinsella
    Political Science, 2017-18 The Modern Politics of Middletown Chad Kinsella is Assistant Professor of Political Science and the project director for The Modern Politics of…
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  • Jennifer DeSilva
    History, 2017-18 Early Modern Social Mobility: Mapping & Networking the de’ Grassi Family of Bologna Jennifer DeSilva is an Associate Professor of History and the…
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  • Shaoen Wu
    Computer Science, 2018-19 Multi-Sensory Big Data Deep Learning Approach to Indoor Autonomous Navigation Shaoen Wu is an Associate Professor of Computer Science and the Assistant…
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  • Andrew Luttrell
    Psychological Science, 2018-19 The Language of Persuasive Communication Andy Luttrell is an Assistant Professor of Psychological Science with a research focus that seeks to bring…
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  • Kristin M. Barry
    Architecture, 2018-19 Modernism in the Midwest: Navigating Columbus, IN Kristin Barry is an Assistant Professor of Architecture who teaches courses in architecture history/theory and design.…
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  • Michael Burayidi
    Department of Urban Planning, 2019-2020 The Dark Store Theory and Big Box Stores Michael Burayidi is Professor of Urban Planning. He has written widely on…
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  • Bowen Zhang
    Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences, 2019-2020 Global Manure Phosphorus Production during 1960–2016: a 5-arcminute Gridded Global Dataset for Earth System Modeling (GMPP) Bowen Zhang…
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  • Mengxi Zhang
    Department of Nutrition and Health Sciences, 2019-2020 A Study of Disparities in Healthcare Resources for Vulnerable Populations Mengxi Zhang, Assistant Professor of Health Sciences,conducts research…
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Research Associates



  • Perry Collins
    Staff, Copyright and Scholarly Communications Manager, University Libraries, 2017-18
  • Stephanie Grimes
    Staff, Digital Scholarship Strategist, University Libraries, 2018-19
  • Ike Obi
    Graduate Student (Journalism/Emerging Media Design and Development), 2017-18
  • Jake Klinger
    Graduate Student (History), 2018-19
  • Sean Godfroy
    Graduate Student (History & Center for Middletown Studies), 2017-19
  • Brendan White
    Graduate Student (History & Center for Middletown Studies), 2017-18
  • Hayden Shaw
    Graduate Student (History), 2016-18
  • Anna Kinnen
    Graduate Student (History), 2017-18
  • Erin Bretz
    Graduate Student (Journalism/Emerging Media Design and Development & Center for Middletown Studies), 2016-17
  • Jonny Swales
    Undergraduate Student, (School of Art/Animation & IDIA)
  • Matthias Raess
    Graduate Student, (English) Data Science Consultant, 2018
  • JB Bilbrey
    Graduate Student (History & Center for Middletown Studies), 2018-19
  • Maren Orchard
    Graduate Student (History & Center for Middletown Studies), 2019