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Diarist B37 Day10

Day Diary – Saturday, December 15, 2018



Slept until 7:00. I’ve already achieved something today as that’s a rare occurrence.


7:30 – Tried to go to the gym only to find it closed on the weekends during Winter break. I’m trying to try out some new running shoes but can’t seem to get in there to do so.


8:00 – showered and dressed. Consulted with my wife on a holiday baking shopping list over breakfast (veggie sausage with cheese on a bagel – my current favorite) and hot tea.


9:00 – my wife and friends have headed off to graduation looking all important in their doctoral robes.


Off to Target for some last-minute provisions, wrapping paper, etc.


Wrapped Solstice presents.


Found my attention span sapped by comments, questions, observations, complaints from younger child, each coming about a 1 minute apart for a long time. Very hard to concentrate on anything at all.


11:00-12:00 Exchanged text messages with my wife attending graduation ceremonies. Tried my hand at crafting some DaDa-ist emoji poems to keep her amused. Cucumber slices next to a dark hole. You figure it out.


1:00 – wife finally home from graduation. We head to Indianapolis to do some Christmas shopping. It’s necessary but I’m not excited.


We find our favorite toy store on Massachusetts Avenue gone. Luckily a clerk in another stores tells us what happened and that the store exists in Broad Ripple. We visit a few other stores, including my first visit to Indy Reads bookstore, which was crawling with dogs. Turns out they were offering pictures of hipsters with their dogs and Santa in the store. I’m not feelin’ it. We head off to the toy store. It’s not what it was. We muse on what our lives would be like if we lived down here. But with our jobs in Muncie the commute doesn’t seem worth it.


We head up to Exit 210 for more shopping. Older daughter is interested in moving us closer to a zero-waste household so we investigate the bulk food items at Earth Fare as a first step. We have a good conversation about that stuff.


We have a rainy drive home. My wife wants to become a judge. She wants her domain to be solely whether or not a Christmas song can be covered or whether it’s been recorded for the last time. She wants an end to the injustice of terrible Christmas song covers that add nothing to the original or classic version.


We have a favorite dinner we call “wine and cheese party”, a collection of small foods, etc. that we all snack on around a table in the living room while we enjoy a show. We watched the finale of an old season of The Great British Baking Show we’ve been following for a while. There’s a lot of talking going on in the room and I can’t hear what the judges are saying. I politely shush my family so I can hear the results of a long-concluded British baking show. That’s what I’ve come to. But dammit, we’ve spent a number of hours on this and I want closure!


Older daughter reads us a list of youtube video titles as determined by A.I. Very strange and funny.


My wife is currently sucked into the show Friday Night Lights and we watch an episode of that.


9:30 p.m., I find a little time for some guitar playing. That’s my form of meditation.


I type these notes and call it a night.